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When your property is damaged from water, you may be facing a flood from clean water sources. If so, it is just as important to get the damage cleaned up as it would be from septic backups. The water may be clean initially if it came from a freshwater source such as rain or a water inlet through plumbing, but it will not stay clean for long. It could become filthy very quickly if it mixes with sewer water. Otherwise, it will become dirty as it gathers up materials in your home or on your property. You could find yourself ankle deep or worse in water that has heavy fertilizers, chemicals, bacteria, insect infestations such as fleas or ants, pet feces, and more. All this to say how important it is to call someone right away to clear up your water damage and make repairs to the home. The water will need to be completely pumped out, areas dried out, carpeting will need to be replaced or removed and dried out and other steps are necessary to ensure a safe environment.

Water Damage Restoration From Plumbing Leaks

Restoration Company in WellingtonFlooding or plumbing issues are two of the most common causes of water damage in a home or commercial property. Pipe leaks or breaks, septic or sewer backups, flash floods, mud slides, improperly irrigated property, all of these are potential causes of water damage.If the flooding was due to sewer line backups or flash floods, the water will be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and other infectious organisms. It’s highly important that sanitation measures are taken to kill any contaminants in the home.

Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a common issue for homeowners and businesses alike. When a building has floors underground, it is not surprising that it is exposed to a great amount of moisture from the soil. Building materials are added to basements that help reduce moisture problems, but sometimes they just aren’t enough to stop your basement from flooding out. Many homes have basements with very limited moisture protection. A number of options in sump pumps are available to you for your basement. However, you can also count on a service such as ours to help you get your flooded out basement back to normal. We can also help you with determining your future needs for flood control in your basement area.

Carpet Drying

Fast cleanup after water damage is a necessity because mold and mildew start to grow within three days if the environmental conditions are right. Warm, moist areas, such as under carpeting after a flood, will incubate mold at an incredible rate. The carpet needs to be either removed from the home and replaced or if feasible should be lifted and dried out thoroughly, including the padding. Remember that if the flood water has been contaminated, it’s best to completely remove the carpeting and replace it.

Mold Remediation & Testing

The best way to tell if you have a mold problem is by testing for it. You can contact a water damage restoration company like ours for mold testing service in West Palm Beach. Not all mold is bad, but there are harmful species that can make you sick. A slow plumbing leak can go on for some time without being detected. If you have experienced this or are in any way concerned about mold, call for a test. It’s best to either alleviate your concerns or to know that you do need mold remediation service.

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration Services In West Palm Beach

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