If nothing else was learned from Hurricane Harvey, it is just how serious inclement weather can be. Anyone who lives in West Palm Beach, or Florida in general, knows this and has probably had experience with tropical storm weather. The important thing to focus on, in the aftermath and recovery from a hurricane is restoring what is possible.

In many cases, water damage repairs and restoration will be able to help, if addressed in a timely manner. Once your home has been given clearance, allowing you to reenter the premises, you need to arrange for restoration work, in a prompt and professional manner. Time can make a huge difference, as can the company you choose to work with, to address your service needs.

Water Damage Repairs and Restoration – Learning the Basics

Recovering from a storm can be a daunting task. This is especially true if you have recently suffered a tropical depression or hurricane. So, as a resident of an area that is often under threat of this type of water, it would be wise to learn more about the process, at least the things that you need to know.

Water repair is a process made up of many steps. Upon getting permission to reenter your household, one of the first things that will need to be done is removing any remaining standing water. There is often lingering dampness that needs to be removed from flooring, furniture and other materials that have been subjected to water.

Following this step, it is time to address the need for drying out the affected area. This is done with dehumidifiers and other methods of large scale drying, including equipment like fans and heaters. This phase alone can take several days, although this all depends on the amount of water still present and the type of space impacted. However, it is integral in being able to move on to techniques for repairs and restoration.

A professional should then use devices, such as thermal imagery, to ensure that your home is completely dry. Otherwise, you could end up having problems that you could not have anticipated but that could have been avoided. Yet, finally, after this stage, the repair and restoration work can begin.

The other thing that is vital to know is the different types of water and what it can mean. For instance, clear water is usually the result of a plumbing problem, like a burst pipe or an overhead sprinkler being triggered. Grey water can mean the presence of contaminants that can cause harm or illness to people. Finally, black water represents very unsanitary conditions, such as sea water or sewage, and can lead to serious illness.

Keep in mind, aside from destruction of personal furnishings or drywall and similar materials, the main concern is for structural integrity. Your home must be able to remain structurally sound for repairs and restoration to take place. The only other issue to monitor for is the presence of mold.

Getting the Help That You Need

Whenever natural disaster strikes, it means being able to rely on the help that others have to offer. For your water damage repairs and restoration, that means contacting our team here at Clean Air Xperts Inc. With over three decades of hands-on, industry related experience, you can feel good about the level of workmanship we will provide for you.

The last thing that we want is for any of our local Floridians to be subjected to storm weather or plumbing disasters that lead to water damage. However, we feel good knowing that, should that happen, we will be there to provide expert service. Investing into superior work for water damage repairs and restoration can be the difference between salvation or total devastation.

We take great pride in the work that we do, knowing the results are second to none. Having the capability to help homeowners pick up the pieces following a hurricane or other flooding catastrophe is what our business is all about. Contact us immediately if you find yourself in need of this type of work.

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