Water Damage Services in West Palm Beach

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Water damage is a pervasive and serious problem, and whether it’s caused by a storm, a busted pipe, or flooding, it’s extremely important to have all of the damage repaired as soon as possible. When any part of your home is damaged by moisture, having a professional assess and repair the damage as soon as possible is very important. At Clean Air Xperts, our West Palm Beach water damage repairs contractors have the knowledge and experience to thoroughly repair any water damage and restore your home to likely-new conditions while minimizing any further damages.

Water Damage Remediation

Any brown stains that you see on your walls or ceiling are most likely signs of moisture damage. This damage could be caused by a leaky pipe in your walls, condensation in your home, or a leak in your ceiling. Even if these parts of your West Palm Beach home feel dry to the touch, they could still be hiding large amounts of moisture in cavities, under hardwood floors, or in many other places.

  • No matter what the exact problem is, our experts will be able to locate the water, remove it, and repair any damage that it’s caused.
  • Water damage can lower the value of your home, and it can make your home unsafe for you and your family.
  • If water damage is left untreated, it can lead to mold growth, which will have many negative effects on the health of any member of your household.

Clean Air Xperts

Water Restoration Services

We know that our West Palm Beach neighbors depend on us to help them and take care of their place when an emergency arises.

What You Should Do When You Notice Water Damage

Mold in the corner of the plastic windows.

If your home suffers extensive water damage after a leak or a flood, it’s very important that you take immediate action. Taking care of the problem as soon as possible will help you ensure that minimal damage is done to your property, and it can help you save on professional services.

  • Move any furniture into a dry area. Wood and fabric absorb water very quickly, and they can be very easily damaged, so moving them out of the area is very important.
  • Find the source of the leak and try to stop the water. If you can’t find the leak or stop it, your best option is most likely to turn on your West Palm Beach home’s water supply.
  • Call our professionals to begin the water damage repairs as soon as possible.

What We’ll Do

Our professional water damage repairs experts will arrive at your West Palm Beach home as soon as possible. We’ll remove the water quickly, and we’ll repair any drywall, flooring, or other parts of your West Palm Beach home that have damaged by the water.

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