One thing about mold in your West Palm Beach home is that it can be sneaky. While perhaps not intentionally so, mold can hide or be harbored in areas of your home that you cannot see. And this is especially true when the problems that lead to mold are also hidden.

You may not know mold is growing in your home. Evidence like black spots or rotting wood may not be present, which are sure signs you have problems with moisture.

Another thing about mold is the fact that mold spores are everywhere. This doesn’t mean that the pure presence of mold is bad because we live with it every day and it’s literally everywhere in the air and all over our home’s surfaces. What makes mold bad is the toxins released when the spores get activated for growing.

Moisture and warmth are two of the conditions that mold needs to grow and produce the spores that release toxins. These toxins are what we’re trying to avoid when we provide our mold restoration services to the West Palm Beach area homeowners. And this is what is tested for when we provide mold testing services.

Why Storms, Fires, Disasters, or Plumbing Can Cause Mold Problems

Any number of problems can result in mold growth, but most commonly are the moisture producing problems that result from disasters like fire, rain or windstorms, plumbing leaks, and more. All these situations have water problems in common.

When plumbing leaks, you get moisture in your walls or wherever plumbing exists. In these dark, damp, warm places, mold can thrive. That’s why it’s so common in the bathroom area as opposed to a garage.

Fires require plenty of water to put them out, and with the fire damage to the wood already, adding all the wetness that can’t be effectively dried out can harbor plenty of places for mold to take root. rain and windstorms cause roof and siding leaks that allow in moisture or rain from the outdoors. Mold easily grows in attic spaces and wall cavities near the roof, making prime locations for mold spores to thrive.

What To Do If You’re Concerned About Mold Growth

The problem with mold is that some types aren’t near as harmful like other types. And while many are classified as, “non-toxic,” they can still make you sick. Molds are of thousands of different strains, but only a few produce toxins. The Stachybotrys chartarum is the black mold referred to by many homeowners as a deadly toxic mold.

All molds can potentially cause rashes, headaches, allergies, dizziness, nausea, asthma, and more. They can also cause serious lung infections, especially on those with weakened immune systems. Finding and curing your mold problem is essential, but first you need to know if you really have one. Just because you see algae or a black stain, it doesn’t mean mold is present in your West Palm Beach Home.

That’s why professionals like us at Clean Air Xperts, Inc., perform expert Mold Testing & Remediation Services. We have all the tools and equipment we need to properly evaluate your environment and test for mold. Don’t risk your health or the health of your family, and don’t go any longer wondering if you do have a mold problem. Get tested by our professionals and ensure your home is safe and sound from the effects of harmful mold growth!

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