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Delray Beach is a coastal community near Palm Beach, Fl. The population is over 60,000 as it is a part of the Miami metropolitan area. The town is very historic as the Native Americans passed through the area several times as trappers and hunters. Today things are much different as Clean Air Xperts passes through the area to provide recovery services caused by
natural disasters. If you’ve suffered through a natural disaster that caused water, fire, or wind damage to your home and you’ve found us, take a moment to relax because you’re in the right place. Whenever you use our Delray Beach mold removal or water damage repair services, you will be taken care of by the true professionals of their trade.

Delray Beach Fire Restoration

Our on-site trained professionals pay attention to every detail. Improperly remediation of soot or smoke damage may make itself known at another date! Our powerful and safe “GREEN” Cleaning products don’t bring any additional toxins into your home or business, so you can rest assured that once our Delray Beach Mold Removal company has clean it, it’s cleaned for the best. Our affordable cleaning service along with recovery methods are just what you need to go back to a stress-free lifestyle. Our Delray Beach Mold Removal contractor will eliminate the smell of smoke and that is deeply hidden inside of your carpeting and furniture. The smell alone can drive just about anyone away from their homes. Our Delray Beach fire restoration service involves the cleaning of every nook and cranny of the home. Anywhere that smoke would hide, we can guarantee that we will get to it. Our Delray Beach Mold Removal professionals produce proven results because we care about your family’s well-being.

#1 Mold Testing Delray Beach Residents Trust

Having mold in your home may cause several dangerous health issues for your family. Our subtropical climate results in our residences becoming more prone to the growth of mold. Did you know that mold can grow without any visual signs? This is just one reason why it is very important to hire a pro for Mold Testing services! Our Delray Beach mold evaluation will identify if your home has any dangerous growth that may be affecting the health of your family. Upon completion of our mold testing service, our certified technicians will review the mold report with you.

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What Does a Mold Report Tell You?

During the mold testing at your Delray Beach home, our technicians are evaluating several different elements of your property. It may be important to also ask questions that may help to lead to a source of the issue. The mold report will identify what the technician has encountered. It also explains an extent of mold presence and recommendation for removal / remediation.

Water Damage Repairs in Delray Beach

A water damage loss is just the beginning.  Once you have a flood, you can be sure that mold and mildew are on their way.  Our on-site Delray Beach Mold Removal professionals will turn your interior “swimming pool” into a dry arid desert using the latest drying and extraction techniques, we are able to eliminate all types of water damage. Our well-informed professionals also know where to look to detect areas susceptible to mold. We provide meticulous mold testing as well as mold removal services. We make sure that whatever needs to be addressed is done in a way that does not further disturb your home or business environment.

Flooding normally occurs as a result of:

  • Pipe Burst
  • Storms
  • Water Heater Damage

Call us today and make an appointment to have our Delray Beach water damage restoration services done. You will be amazed at the outcome!

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Water Leak Detection Services Delray Beach FL

Cleaning up and repairing the water damage inside your property is only one aspect of a restoration service. When pipes burst or are not sealed properly, a home water leak detection service is certainly required. Our team of experts are well experienced on being able to pinpoint the location of the water leak, and fully repair the situation to avoid another occurrence. Whether you are in need of a water leak detection company for residential or commercial properties, the trusted professionals at Clean Air Xperts are best for the job. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an Evaluation. We are available 24/7!


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