Description Of Work: Our whole condo needed mold removal. Jay took us through the whole process, estimating the cost, working with the insurance company, bringing not only his own team, but also subcontractors such as air conditioner services, dry cleaners and laundromats to complete the job.Jay made sure that the job cleared Florida certification.

Member Comments: To be honest, the hardest part of the job was getting the insurance company to compensate for the mold loss. Jay was on top of every issue. He was available at all hours, concerned about our health and welfare, prompt about appointments, and dilligent in cleaning the whole house from top to bottom. He supervised not only his own workers but also the air conditioner cleaner. In fact, that job was redone, at Jay’s request. If we had concerns about needing to replace items, such as carpet or mattresses, Jay would test each item extensively to reassure us of its safety. He even delivered all our linens and clothes when the job was over. After the job, he has been to our condo whenever we had questions. He has been in touch whenever we needed him from start to follow up. We feel we have the cleanest, healthiest condo of all our friends!

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