Having walked into a flood in my two story condo after being away for a few days, I could not get help anywhere because it was Christmas day. The next morning I was able to get a restoration company to come out and help. They vacuumed some water and brought in dehumidifiers. Seeing light brown mold they said they could not remove the wet clothes in the closets, the wet bed which was foam, the carpet upstairs and down, the bottom sheetrock holding water thus keeping the humidity at 99% and allowing the mold to grow. This was Friday, they said they would be back Monday, and left. Not happy with their approach the problem I called Jay at Clean Air Experts and he came Friday night. We discussed the problem and a better solution. However he was not able to start immediately as I had signed a contract with the first company. Although not as yet hired, Jay went to the condo to check on Sunday only to find another flood and the source of the water. After I was able to sever the contract with the first company, Jay was able to come in and get to work. After the initial three days, the mold had grown, and humidity was still 99%. Jay and his crew at Clean Air Xperts jumped in and got to work. With professional and hard working efficiency, they took care of the water, removing the still wet carpets, bedding, clothing and wallboard. Now the dry out was successful and the mold mitigation and wall prep for the rebuild could begin. Jay and his crew treat you like family, available day or night for questions and answers Jay was with me every step of the way. I am so grateful that Jay and his crew at Clean Air Xperts stepped in and saved what was becoming a terrible situation.

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