Water Damage Restoration West Palm Beach

When your home experiences water damage, waste no time in contacting an expert team to restore your property. At Clean Air Xperts, we provide water damage service from a team of experienced, well-trained individuals who will promptly arrive at your property to extract and dry out all moisture-damaged structures. Contacting our team isn’t the only step you should take. When faced with water damage, the following steps will help you get onto the road to recovery.

Stop Further Damage

If you have identified the source of the damage, prevent further damage if possible. Just remember that your safety is most important, so, if preventing further water damage will put you at risk, don’t attempt this step.

Contact Your Insurance Company

After you have located the source of the water damage and stopped it, the next step is to contact your insurer. Many standard homeowner’s insurances policies cover water damage if it was not caused by a lack of maintenance or neglect. Your provider will send out an adjuster to inspect your home and determine how much you are owed to return to pre-loss conditions.

Take Pictures

Moisture or standing water can cause serious damage to the foundation of your property. We recommend you take pictures of the damage for the insurance claims process, but quickly take the necessary steps to have the water removed from the property. Our award-winning company is equipped to handle all forms of water damage and will immediately respond to emergencies. We recommend documenting our progress before, during, and after the project is completed for insurance purposes.

Reach out to Clean Air Xpress

We have seen everything in our line of work, including homeowners who try to save some money by attempting to restore their property on their own. Unless you have the experience and equipment to do this, hire a professional company. If you don’t completely extract the water from your property, this can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which is harmful to you and your family. Furthermore, any standing water can compromise the foundational structure.  

Our team uses powerful equipment and specialized techniques to save your property and other personal belongings. Our technology allows us to reach difficult locations to extract the water and effectively dry out the area.

Restore and Move Back In

We know all you want is to return home and get your life back to normal. As a result, we work quickly to restore your home to its original condition. However, we don’t sacrifice efficiency. We perform a thorough inspection once the job is complete to ensure nothing was missed. Once our work is complete, you can finally return to your home.

Contact Clean Air Xperts

Choose the experts in water damage restoration. Our water damage service in West Palm Beach is fast and efficient because we only enlist the best-certified restoration contractors to complete the job. We have over three decades of experience and knowledge in the industry. Let us help you recover from a disaster. Contact Clean Air Xperts to learn about our services. Call (561) 250-8978 today.

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