For those of us who have lived in Florida for any length of time, we are quite familiar with mold, and just how difficult it can be to remove from your home after it has started to form. Mold needs food, moisture, and warmth in order to survive, and those are all things that we have in abundance here in the West Palm Beach area, even during the winter months. While the temperature outside might drop, the amount of moisture in the air remains much the same as it would at just about any other time of year, but with the shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures, that moisture tends to collect over time where it would likely start to dry up during the hot summer months. That can be a big problem when it comes to mold growth in your home. Here at Clean Air Xperts, we understand just how big of an issue mold growth inside your home can be, and if it has already started growing, we will spare no effort in rooting it out and removing it, but preventing it from growing in the first place should always be a top priority. To help you in that aspect, our team of professionals has taken the time to put together this short list detailing a few helpful tips that might help you limit or eliminate mold growth in your home this winter season.

Limit Your Indoor Humidity

Controlling the amount of humidity in your home might seem like a fool’s errand here in the West Palm Beach area, but keeping the humidity level inside your home below 40 percent is important for limiting mold growth. The most helpful way to do this is through the use of a dehumidifier. While there are portable versions out there, whole home options generally work to do the job more effectively and efficiently, but the portable versions will usually work on a single room basis. If you have dehumidifier in your home, make sure to turn it on this winter and it can go a long way in helping to prevent mold growth in your house all winter long.

Clean Regularly

While regular cleaning is a given for most homeowners, it is especially important to make sure that you are paying special attention to any areas around your home that tend to generate or collect a great deal of moisture, like your bathrooms, kitchen, etc. It is surprising how fast mold can start to form in these areas, especially when you are using your home’s heating system at the same time.

Check For Leaks

Having water coming into your home when it isn’t in your plumbing system is never a good thing, no matter what time of year, but with the increased rainfall we tend to get from time to time during the winter months, your home is almost more at risk than ever. During the winter months, it is important to be on the lookout for any signs of leaking, whether it is coming from your roof, your windows, or your doors. If you do notice signs that the inside of your home is collecting water, it is important that you contact a professional removal service who can get it out quickly and safely remove any mold that might have formed as a result.

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